Cold Mountain Drums

My drums were custom built by Brian Baron of Cold Mountain Drums, Cleveland, OH.
Each drum was hand made by Brian in his small custom shop. Click Below to learn more.

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Headhunters Sticks and Creations

I have been playing Dave Rundle's creations for the last few years and will never go back. His sticks and brushes can't be beat. His other "creations" are beyond musical adding multiple levels of depth and color to any musical situation.

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Trick Drums U.S.A.

Taking drum and pedal manufacturing beyond the limit, then making it 10X better is what Mike Dorfman and his crew over at Trick do every day. Their pedals are the most responsive and musical in the industry. Rugged build, elegant simple design, extreme performance. Nothing better.

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AMedia Cymbals U.S.A.

It's no secret that I play Amedia Cymbals. The fact that they are hand made by humans that have been doing this their entire lives means something to me. The finest cymbals in the world are born in  Istanbul, Turkey at the Amedia foundry.

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Music is...

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